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Dictionary Search Results using Damerau-Levenshtein distance in T-SQL

Here are the results of your fuzzy-string dictionary search forstephen” with Change Limit: [1] [2] [3]

Sorry, no words found yet! Please choose a higher Change Limit above to look for words that are less similar, although it will take longer.
to automatically increase the Change Limit after seconds.

Search took 2 seconds overall (including website activity, plus SQL activity in the following phases):

  1. Length Filter: Limit the application of DLD to words with length difference of no more than the Change Limit.
  2. DLD Change Limit: Apply DLD to each remaining word, limiting each comparison according to the Change Limit.
  3. Display Results: Return the results, with similar words marked up to highlight differences.
SeqSearch PhaseWords CheckedWords MatchedSecondsWords Per Sec
1Length Filter178691695830.1061685764.2
2DLD Change Limit6958301.23656296.9
3Display Results000.000 
 (SQL Overall)17869101.342133152.8